About us

Driado non-for-profit charity foundation is our sincere attempt to help the children who need treatment. The establishers of the foundation, third-party organizations and simple people supporting this initiative strive for their charitable activities to become a valuable contribution to a long and complicated process of recovery of seriously ill children.

Driado is a union of volunteers, helping children in Kaliningrad and throughout Russia. A union of those who search for any possible opportunity to help lonely children.

Our charity foundation is created with a purpose to give a chance for recovery to seriously ill children – a chance to live a full life, grow up, develop, live among us, make their families happy and benefit society.

Charitable work is the opportunity for the children to get financial support for paying for their expensive treatment and operations. It is the opportunity for adults to be active, not indifferent, to express their compassion through their actions.
It is a chance for the families with a strong spirit to fight a disease. It is a chance not to shy away from the others’ trouble, but to do what one can.

Why Driado?

Driado is a charity foundation, helping seriously ill children. Because childhood should be happy. No matter what is going on in life. Because if we are attentive and caring for a sick child and his parents – the chance of getting better is very big. And that is what happiness is. The happiness of our youngest and the adults caring about them.

Driado charity foundation is not only the employees, but all of you: non-indifferent people, sponsors, patrons, volunteers. Charitable work is impossible without the support of socially-responsible enterprises and active citizens, who don’t stay aside when someone needs help! As a result of your help, young persons under care receive positive emotions, care, warmth, joy – the list goes on. It amazes us every time, how many can people achieve when they unite.

Wholeheartedly, thank you!

Our contacts

Address: office 24, block 2, building 247, Krasnaya Street, city of Kaliningrad
Phone: +7 (4012) 38-98-48
E-mail: info@driado.ru